Marginal and Proud Of It


Marginal and Proud Of It
A veteran street social worker.
A suicide crisis intervener working across the four
corners of Canada and into the Arctic with the Inuit of
Thirty conferences given in Europe on the theme of
youth intervention.
– 30 years of working with vulnerable youths;
– 30 years of calling society into question;
– 30 years of denouncing its inconsistencies.
Marginal and Proud Of It, born of its author’s audacity,
are the memoirs and the tribulations of a community
organization which would, over time, come to mark
Quebec; a social testament that proposes we take a new
look at our society.
Marginal and Proud Of It, because in spending time
among society’s marginalized, you become a bit
marginal yourself. In persevering in the intervention,
against all odds, you become resolutely marginalized.


Marginal and Proud Of It
180 pages
ISBN Paper: 978-2-925368-05-2
ISBN PDF: 978-2-925368-06-9
ISBN EPub: 978-2-925368-07-6

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