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Come, have no fear of anything, he says, I am he who will help you cross all the boundaries you carry within yourself. Approach, do not be afraid, I will allow you to reach destinations you have always dreamt of, those illicit Edens where serpents dine on the milk of virgins, charmed by tongues of light that illuminate the shadowy mouths of the latest prophets.


In extremis is the story of a private, intimate war that the poet wages in the heart of besieged territories, where language shines its most beautiful light on the most sombre of inks. It is followed by Paintings of Ordinary Apocalypses, a series of poems where we are introduced to a variety of exotic characters.

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Sylvain Turner holds a master’s degree in literature from the Université de Québec à Montréal. A designer/copywriter, translator, literary chronicler and lyricist, he has been published in magazines such as Gaz Moutarde, Possibles and Exit, among others.

“You’ve got to read In extremis for the power of its words, the emotions conveyed and, very simply, to discover the pen of

Sylvain Turner.”

Roxanne Pichette

CQFL (Ce qu’il faut lire)


“Highly incarnate. It almost feels like being at the movies.”

Lynda Dion

Libraire de force


“The poet has written a very touching book. Some of the poems are quite simple. The effectiveness with which they communicate emotion is undeniable. (…) Turner’s return to poetry is a definite success. I couldn’t be more delighted.”

Daniel Guénette

Le blog de Dédé blanc-bec

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Sylvain Turner
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